Application or Product Maintenance Service

Software maintenance keeps the lights on in every organization, but it also represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software that provide the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.

Using offshore developers and testers is a good way to save for software maintenance. Please refer to our Software Committed Team service to implement this effectively.


We can help with:

  • Rapid application enhancements
  • Redesigning to a new incarnation
  • Accelerated product development
  • Exploration of new delivery channels


PowerGate has successfully handle following kind of projects:

  • Financial, Banking, Laws systems
  • CRM, HR applications
  • Educational systems
  • Different Ecommerce applications
  • Jobsites, Social Networking sites
  • Insurance and Risk Management applications
  • Others

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Intellectual Property Protection

At PowerGate Software we advocate that all clients (even those we haven’t worked with!) retain ownership of their Intellectual Property (IP) and own the source code when a project is complete. We understand that your code is your IP and it is completely handed over upon delivery of a project. Read more…

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